A Prayer for my Nation


“May the colours of tricolour never fade
May the sons of this mother never disappear
May the daughters of this mother never raped
May love and harmony always welcomed.

May the walls of nation remain protected
May the martyred heroes forever respected
May each and every child educate
May the air never get contaminate with hate.

May the landlord and farmer together seated
May the lawmakers and labourers equally treated
May the weaker in governance,never lose their faith
May this land forever be great.”

~Kashif Imteyaz

My Charcoal lung


Tune into your music
Set my soul on fire
Smoke in my isolated heart
My charcoal lungs won’t be hurt.
Put something real in your feeds
I can perfectly see your flaws.

Have an escape,Mars or stars
I won’t look for you.
Be a sea Mermaid,Narnia’s witch
I won’t mind.
Your rotten theme,
I can’t paint.
@Kashif Imteyaz

I’m the Black Heart


Do you still hear,
Cause I’m still beating
If there’s eternity
My love then exist

I’m the black heart
Your light I do radiate
You’re that art
The vision,i always painted

Would you ever love
Would you ever dance
You’re the lullaby
Each night I sang
@Kashif Imteyaz



This is the greatest breakdown
I let my scars be wound
I’m so broke,so weak
Mercy!Oh Devine! I seek

All I holded,slipped so fast
Like a movie has been cast
All I preserve,never stay
The closer I walk,it moves away

The broken rhymes never play
For every chance,I’m delay
All moved in on go
Just the way wind blows

All I went through
I am thanking
Cause it gave me light
It gave me reason to fight
@Kashif Imteyaz

The Golden Glitters of my diary


I do remember my first day at my boarding school.Some kind of joy of freedom mixed with the sorrow of being separated from family.It had been lunch time.I went to dining hall and found a boy with very innocent face.We had our introductions.That was Tahir Zaman.Though you’re not innocent.
We both were in the same section.

On the very first day of school,he started crying and I ought to find the reason.He was homesick.
And from that day,i stated missing home.I can’t count how many times I had cried.But I was known as ‘most crying newcomer of that year.’
And the funniest thing is that Tahir used to console me when I used to cry.At times I used to do the same.
Sometimes it had been also that we both sat on bed cry till our eyes will swell.

In the meanwhile I met Arshad Imam,i had known him through a mutual friend.He was the only one with cellphone in that four walled prison where keeping cellphone is considered a serious threat to their security system.I would like mention Arshad Imam as Brave heart.Through his phone i used to call my family. At that time It was risky to make someone a phone.It was feared to be caught.Thank you Bhai for that.
I have so many memories of us.The fake phone call pranks to our wardens and pretending to be properly dealer and many more I think I should not mention.

Our fights and the silly reasons behind,the misguiding and bribing hostel attendants while making Maggi. Together from bournvita fights to the time of discussing girls into argument of democracy.

With you guys I’ve grown up.Thanks for leaving the golden glitter in my diary.
Love as always
Kashif Imteyaz

Hey Stalker!


Hey stalker!
Wearing fake fragrance
Forcing fake smiles
Don’t you get tired.

Hey stalker!
Acting sugar-coated
Carrying ugly formalities
Don’t you feel insane.

Hey stalker!
Putting colours,that are faded
Don’t you see
All your efforts got wasted.